Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 Months

Last week Eva turned 2 months old. I cant believe how fast time goes by!

My cousin Jenny gave me these cute sticker for each month. I think they go up to two years or more! Such a great idea!! Thanks Jenny!!!!

Along with taking her picture every month with the stickers, we are going to dress her in this cute jumper and put the same bunny with her to show how she is growing. 

At the doctor's for her two month check up she sadly got two shots. She did not like them and was quite sad the rest of the day! 

Her stats from our visit: 

Height: 21 inches long; 10 percentile
Weight: 8lb 15oz; 10 percentile
Head: they didn't tell us the measurement, but she's in the 10 percentile

She is a little girl. Since we started to have some trouble feeding, the doctor is having us come in for a weight check in two weeks to make sure she's getting enough to eat. Since she is in the 10 percentile all around, he wasn't too worried but wanted to check to be safe. We will go in next week to see how she is doing.

Things she loves:

Her binki
The TV
Her mobile
Her daddy
Her brothers
Bath time

Things she hates:

Getting her diaper changed in the morning, its cold
Being in one place too long
Sitting still

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

6 Weeks

Yesterday was 6 weeks since Eva made her grand entrance. I can't beleive time has flown by! While I am working on typing up her birth story, I've gotten loads of requests from people to update my blog. So, here is an update! 

Things we have done (not in chronological order): 

Gone to lunch with friends and family
Played with my sister and her kiddo's
Gotten Eva's new born pictures taken
Gone swimming with friends
Went to church with Eva for the first time
Spent all day at home
Spent all day in PJ's (both me and Eva)
Gone for walks
Drove to Orem
Started 'couponing'
Started hanging pictures of Eva in living room

Things on the ToDo List:

Finish Eva's Birth Story
Write in Eva's baby book
Make and send out birth announcements (and thank you cards)
Finish hanging pictures on wall in living room
Finish Eva's bumper pads
Make Eva curtains
Get baby monitor
Attempt Eva sleeping in her room
Do some weeding outside to help with spring weeding
Work on killing the clover in the front yard
Finish decoration Eva's room
Make curtains for entry way so dogs don't bark at EVERYTHING
Make weekly meal plans
Start running
Plan Twilight Party
Plan Halloween Party
Plan Xmas Party
Plan Eva's Blessing

The list just keeps growing! But what you've all been waiting for... Pictures!!!!

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What have we been doing?

What have we been up to the past few days.... weeks... months... Well here are some pictures with a few captions to catch the events I have on my phone. 

We got a new chair for the baby.... but the dogs have claimed it as their own. 

We went on a nice drive up the canyon and got a beautiful sunset on our way down. 

Trent's brother, Jordan, is in town from Colorado for a visit. They have done several things the last few days but when I was able to join them, we went to the Aquarium. Here are a few of the FUN animals they have!

River Otters. They were so cute and playful! I totally want one!!!

BIG Lion fish...

A sea horse... Totally want one of those too!

Poisonous blue frogs! Gotta love the color!
Yesterday we went to City Creek. It was my second time there (although my first was a short trip) and Trent's first. We had fun walking around with Jordan and seeing all the cool things they had around. Not your typical mall for sure! 

A great shot of one of the fountains the hubby snagged!

Here we are... almost 39 weeks pregnant.... Come on baby!!! 

Okay, so I'm 5 years old, give me a break! This will be the next game we purchase. Who wouldn't enjoy a little slap stick humor in a board game! 

Again... I'm a 5 year old at heart. We were goofing around in a toy store at the mall. The game, the magnifying glass, and the picture below are all from the one store. It was a GREAT store to waste time in. 

And who wouldn't think this was funny! Oh man.... you know you are all thinking of that one person where some kind of warning sign would be nice. Don't deny it!

After the mall we enjoyed a great baseball game! 

All three of us. 

The beautiful field! GO BEES!!!!!

Until Next Time...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wall, blood tests, Mexico, and the picture you've all been waiting for...

Oh man… since my last post the emotions that have been flying around here have been crazy.

The wall was not as easily done as expected.  I had a plan and I expected everything to go as planned. Well it didn’t. There were many tears and lots of sweat not only by me but by my loving mother and sister! I couldn’t have done it without them. I probably would have taken a sledge hammer to the wall if it weren’t for them. Well, it’s done, and here are the pictures! 

 All the pink paint.
 Wall with some paint.
 Wall with all the pink paint.
 Wall with the fabric... colors match pretty well!
 Wall with the stickers.
 The completed wall! 

When peeling off the stickers, we were afraid of many things... first, we would be able to pick up the stickers with our fingers. Second, as we pulled the stickers off, it wouldn't peel up in a straight line and would peel up the grey paint (the 6 coats of grey paint might I add). And third, that it would peel up the pink paint underneath. Well, all were good concerns and was a problem to some degree, but a good portion of the pink paint did peel up with the stickers. We think it had to do with the finish of the paint and something to do with the wall itself. Not only did the pink paint peel up, but it peeled up all the way to the dry wall. Again, with the help of my loving mother and sister, we touched up each circle and added in some white. I must say, I am quite happy with the result. This was NOT easy, and I probably wouldn't do it again... well at least this way. I'm trying to think of an easier way.

Man am I glad this wall is done! It marked a turning part for the emotions as well which is welcomed with open arms. Not only was the wall completed last night, but yesterday I FINALLY completed my 3 hour glucose test. About 2 weeks ago I took the standard 1 hour glucose tolerance test to make sure my body was absorbing sugar as it should be. My test results came back a little high. To be safe my midwife wanted me to take the 3 hour test as soon as possible. So the next day I went in. Having fasted, I went in, they drew my blood and gave me the famous sugary drink. Being double the concentrate as the first drink, it was a little harder to swallow. Added to the fact I was drinking this on an empty stomach (per the doctors instructions) made the processes even harder. Drink down, now the waiting. In this test your blood is drawn every hour for three hours. So go out in the waiting room and start answering some work emails. Well, I don’t get too far into the hour when I suddenly get hot, start to sweat profusely, a horrible cramping in my stomach then BAM! It all comes back up with a vengeance. I have NEVER in my life thrown up in such a way. It happened so fast, I had no time to run to the restroom or even grab the garbage can right around the corner. It was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. With liquid all over myself I sulked back into the lab. The ladies were SOOO sweet and helped me get cleaned up. Unfortunately since I couldn’t keep the drink down the test couldn’t be completed that day. I had to TRY AGAIN! Going home in tears I spend the rest of the day in bed. I never thought throwing up could be such a traumatic event.  Not willing to try again that week, I told my midwife I would go back in the following week.

Well next week rolled around and it was time to go in once more. Trent, being the sweet man he is, came with me. When I walked into the lab, one of the same ladies was there and greeted me with a big, welcoming smile. This time we tried the drink at room temperature and made sure I had ice chips to snack on. Apparently that helps many people with nausea. Sitting down I turn Modern Family on the phone and sit and relax. Thinking nothing of getting through this test I watch… watch the clock to see how longs it’s been. Finally, its time for the one hour draw!! The nurse comes out in her nice white lab coat telling me its time. I sit up and the heat comes flooding back. The sweat starts to form on the brow and I know I can’t stand. I just look at her and she asks if I need another minute. I nod yes and she turns around. Within seconds the drink has found its way back to the surface. Thankfully I had parked the garbage can in front of me this time. The nurse comes back out with tissues and gives me a sweet look. She had me go down to the midwifes office to talk to them about how they would like me to proceed. Sitting outside the office for a few minutes, the nurses talk amongst themselves. They call me up and tell me the midwife on call will give me a call this afternoon to discuss my options. Feeling much more in control of my emotions this time, I head to work. I wait, and wait and wait for a call but by 3:30, nothing. I decide to call them. They transfer me to Jill, a very cute midwife and she answers the phone with such empathy. Apparently she had been thinking about my options all day but hadn’t come up with a solution she liked. She was trying to get a second with the doctors next door to get their opinion but hadn’t had a chance yet. She said she would call me back that night or the next morning. Well on my way home she called. She didn’t want me to try the drink again and said if I could find some candy with 100 grams of sugar in it I could have 10 minutes to eat that rather than the drink. She gave some suggestions of candy to look for at the store and wished me the best of luck. That night we headed to the store to seek out this candy. While looking at the nutritional facts on candy you usually think, wow, this has a lot of sugar. Well not this time. To get my 100 grams of sugar I would need to eat about 100 Mike ‘n Ikes, or 50 Starbursts. I don’t think that is even possible to do in ten minutes. Luckily we were able to find these gummy Orange Slices that had 25 grams of sugar for every 3 pieces. That meant 12 pieces in 10 minutes… it was the best option out there. Feeling very optimistic, we head back into the doctor the next day. This time around we are greeting my several familiar nurses. I feel so silly that everyone recognizes me and why they recognize me. After a while of getting new paperwork, and confirming the candy will work, we start the test again. Orange slice one down, I think I can do this… take a bite of the second one… my attitude starts to change. I already start to feel sick again. I push that back into the further spot of my brain and keep chewing. I never thought I would dislike candy so much in my life! With no seconds to spare, I swallow the last bit in exactly 10 minutes. I would have cried if I couldn’t eat them fast enough. The test would have been over before it started. Well, a few blood draws later I’m finished! I got a little wheezy in the third hour but I was not about to lose it after all this! But finally, SUCCESS! Now the waiting game for the results. I still haven’t heard from the office yet and I’m hoping it’s because my levels are fine and they will wait until my next appointment to bring me in. I am dreading the results sooner because we leave for MEXICO tomorrow!!! Yes, tomorrow! What if they call me today and tell me I have Gestational Diabetes?! That means no exotic desserts, no fruity umbrella drinks on the beach, no sweet pancakes for breakfast! A vacation is supposed to be about the food and drinks. What if I can’t have that! Its already supposed to be rainy while we are there, do I really have to forfeit my food as well?! We will see… Baby is the number one priority so if her health means no umbrella drinks, then no umbrella drinks it is. Trent even offered to not have any either. What a sweet husband I have.

So the ups of yesterday!
Baby wall (this is just one wall) complete!
Glucose test complete!
Car seat and stroller arrive TODAY!!!
Leaving for Mexico TOMORROW!!!!
And the weekends of baby showers are about to begin! 

Also, here is a picture at 27 weeks. Hope you enjoy. 
Until Next Time…